1. beach.volley.ball


  2. Children


    Rae's Sunshine Oscraps Charity Collab Mega Kit **ONLY AVAILABLE for the month of May, 2022** In memory of our Cheery O, Rae's granddaughter, Bailey.
  3. Birthday Flowers

    Birthday Flowers

  4. Who I Am

    Who I Am

  5. First Class

    First Class

    created with You Go Girl Collab from Oscraps https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-mega-kit-you-go-girl-oscraps-collab.html
  6. rjefferies-lgrieveson_kindness


  7. lgrieveson_kindness


  8. This Moment

    This Moment

    I had fun with this one, the template just kinda evolved into this. I used a collab by Kitty Designs and Vera Lim.
  9. Day9 - Home For The Holidays

    Day9 - Home For The Holidays

    Day9-Word Art Challenge I lifted bcgal00's Day 1 of 12 Days of December Layout for an album cover I made for my family's photos. I also used the tree template from the Day One Challenge.
  10. 21-12_DAY-12---Scrap-Lyrics-of-a-Christmas-Song-_-CHALLENGE


    DAY 12 - Scrap Lyrics of a Christmas Song | CHALLENGE https://oscraps.com/community/threads/day-12-scrap-lyrics-of-a-christmas-song-challenge.34495/page-2#post-610475
  11. Autumn at Bible Camp

    Autumn at Bible Camp

    Done for the November Clean and Simple challenge at Just Art using a: Designer Deals What is a Designer Deal? The Designer Deals category features some of our best-selling digital scrapbook products at big discounts. These are deals that you may have missed when they were first released...
  12. November Challenge 1

    November Challenge 1

    I used the Life Lessons Collab to create this Fantasy page.
  13. joy is you

    joy is you

    for the October Challenge #2-Artsy/Mixed Media I used "JOY"-An Oscraps collaboration Photos: Pixabay
  14. Colouring


  15. Roll with it

    Roll with it

  16. my monkeys

    my monkeys

  17. Let’s Dance

    Let’s Dance

    I find dancing makes me feel totally free.
  18. good times

    good times

  19. go your own way

    go your own way

  20. you are what you make

    you are what you make