1. my monkeys

    my monkeys

  2. Let’s Dance

    Let’s Dance

    I find dancing makes me feel totally free.
  3. good times

    good times

  4. go your own way

    go your own way

  5. you are what you make

    you are what you make

  6. school needlework

    school needlework

  7. little artist

    little artist

  8. Vacant lot

    Vacant lot

    Inspired by x-man Legion.
  9. aprilcollab.jpg


  10. 5 fruits et légumes par jour

    5 fruits et légumes par jour

    Self drawned vegetables elements
  11. Circus


    Mark and I at a theme evening on a cruise ship about 2 years ago. Credits: Cirque du Snap and Scrap: Snap and Scrap June Collab available as a free daily download and challenge kit in June Template challenge 11 freebie: Chrissy W


    Credits: New Growth :: Oscraps Collab {full kit} Quotes by Marsha Zepeda
  13. Favorites From Isabella's 21st Month

    Favorites From Isabella's 21st Month

    All pictures contain my sweet little grandaughter, to avoid easy searchs I am not using her first name in my gallery; however, it can be clearly seen on her layouts. If you have any responses please refer to her as Isabella. Thanks so much, Renae! Credits: Oscraps OValentine Collab...
  14. No place like Home

    No place like Home

    Credits: Template challenge 9 freebie: Chrissy W Designs Where the heart is: Snap and Scrap May Collab
  15. Vicious


    Vicious nojust playing around. Diego and Lu are best buds. It may not look like it herebut really, they are. They love playing around together. Lu is very tolerant of snappy little Diego. Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this scrapbook page. Credits: oscraps New...
  16. Easter '08

    Easter '08

    CREDITS: Everything from Oscraps: Most elements, paper, and template (altered) from New Growth (April collab) Alphas and stitching from O'So Thankful (October collab) Font is CK Ali's Handwriting
  17. Joyfully


    Papers and elements from Collab Zippy Hippy by PaisleePress and Queen of Quirk Wordart by Sue Cummings Scrap Apple Inspirations week 3
  18. Huge Dreams

    Huge Dreams

    y son Kenoah about 1 year old, last 2005. TFL Smile Credit: All by Kim de Smet at FungkyPlaygroundDesign: All We Need FDP Collab Kit(Papers and bracket's strips) Dress Up bracket Mattes Template My Blue jeans Alpha Doodled Quotes It's all Jeans Layered jeans Elements: Stiches and...
  19. Big Sister

    Big Sister

    All from "B-Side - paislee press + taylormade Collab" (Available here at OSCRAPS) Font: Oopie's Ma, Saeculum
  20. {i love sakura flowers}

    {i love sakura flowers}

    This layout took FOREVER to create. I had to look at multiple galleries for inspiration then purchase each kit individually in order to get the elements to look the way I wanted them to. All CC is greatly appreciated. Below is a breakout of all the elements that were used in this layout...