challenge #2

  1. oscraps 2023 11 challenge 2.jpg

    oscraps 2023 11 challenge 2.jpg

    Foxey Squirrel - Aislinn and Alisa Add On Palvinka - True Beauty
  2. ATC Challenge.jpg

    ATC Challenge.jpg

    A fun challenge to work with a different size.
  3. Imperfect


    Made for the Collab chasllenge. I used Validation from Crafty Buttons design and Courtney designs. (unfortunately retired) This photo was one of my first selfies back in 2018. I didn't know the distortion that camera mad. My face is long but the original was too much. So I used the Liquify...
  4. Autumn Magic 01.jpg

    Autumn Magic 01.jpg

    "Don't miss getting the Autumn Magic Oscraps Collaboration kit for free with any $15 purchase, Oct 2 - Oct 5."


    ♥ FREE ♥ WITH A $15 PURCHASE FROM THE SHOP NOW THROUGH OCT. 9TH ---- As the leaves slowly turn color and a gentle breeze blows through the branches, I cannot deny that autumn is a particularly magical season. The Earth at this time of year reveals an enchantment deeply rooted in its essence...
  6. My mother in law with her brother

    My mother in law with her brother

    My mother in law with her brother short before WWII
  7. mom


    September 2023 Challenge #2 - Heritage
  8. Hold This Moment

    Hold This Moment

  9. 23-07_O_July-Challenge-#2---Border


    July Challenge #2 - Border https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-2-border.37869/
  10. let your dreams blossom

    let your dreams blossom

    July Challenge #2 - Border
  11. Challenge #2 Storybook.jpg

    Challenge #2 Storybook.jpg

    Hope you join the storybook Challenge with your favourite Nursery Rhyme.
  12. What-a-Sweet-Treat


    This layout was made for challenge 2-double scrap lift. Summer Solstice by NLD Designs
  13. Young Girl

    Young Girl

    April Challenge #2 Double Scraplift (butterfly and stitch from madi’s and double photos, small cluster from pmjames)
  14. Challenge #2 Double Scraplift.jpg

    Challenge #2 Double Scraplift.jpg

  15. Fly So High

    Fly So High

  16. Silence-Is-Golden


    This layout was done for Challenge 2-Lyrics or Poem Pieces of Autumn Mini Kit by NLD Designs
  17. Behind Blue Eyes

    Behind Blue Eyes

    For Challenge #2 - Lyrics or Poems Song is "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who
  18. Black Bird.jpg

    Black Bird.jpg

    This has always been one of my favourite Beatles songs, very simple but such a lovely song! Paul McCartney wrote this song about the civil rights struggle for African Americans after reading about race riots in the US. He penned it in his kitchen in Scotland not long after an incident in Little...
  19. nights in white satin

    nights in white satin

    March challenge #2 - Lyrics & Poems
  20. Challenge #2 Lyrics and Poems.jpg

    Challenge #2 Lyrics and Poems.jpg

    I chose the colour Pink