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  1. May 2024 Challenge #1: Double Scraplift

    May 2024 Challenge #1: Double Scraplift

    I have scraplifted before, but never a double scraplift! What a great challenge! My inspiration from the first photo was the placement of the photos and the letters, but I decided to use the word to cover both photos. From the second layout, I used the layered papers at different angles. I love...
  2. challenge 01 - cretaive techniques

    challenge 01 - cretaive techniques

  3. Everley


    This sweet bundle of cuteness is my Sister's Great Granddaughter Everley. She has the most amazing big blue eyes and of course wonderful chubby cheeks, just crying out to be kissed. Lathia's beautiful collection "Moving Forward" had the perfect colour palette for this precious photo.
  4. Nobody has a program of the concert of Life

    Nobody has a program of the concert of Life

    When i saw that lovely violist on another page, I wanted the kit where is was in it. it reminded me of a dutch saying "Nobody has a program of the concert of Life"which I was on a wall tiles (a tipical Dutch decoration with "tegeltjeswijsheid aka Tile wisdom" , a very old custom back to the 17th...
  5. Oneword Renew

    Oneword Renew

    When iam at the sea i always feel like a deep calmness and trust. Even if i life on this island, i rather go there, should go way more often...
  6. Renew


    I made this for the january challenge 1 word https://oscraps.com/community/threads/january-challenge-1-one-word.38968/#post-688811
  7. Colour Palette Challenge .jpg

    Colour Palette Challenge .jpg

    Check out the Colour Palette Challenge Here I used masks, brushes and overlays to give the page interest and depth.
  8. Fading Summer Story

    Fading Summer Story

    For Challenge #1: Creative Photo Editing Created using: Whispers Of Summer Collection by Daydream Designs
  9. Summers End In Alaska

    Summers End In Alaska

  10. Hike


    Made for the Creative Photo Editing Challenge I made a more adventurous hike with more dune climbing and unpaved paths where I met a lizard "live" for the first time in my live! I took the photo because I loved the sight of swimming seagulls in a colony. I was the photo which I posted in a...
  11. spooky night

    spooky night

    September 2023 Challenge #1 - Creative Photo Editing
  12. Billie 01-09-2023

    Billie 01-09-2023

    I used the beautiful Hold This Moment Collection by emeto designs
  13. sweetness defined

    sweetness defined

    August Challenge #1 - White Space / Clean
  14. ra


    August Challenge #1 - White Space / Clean https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-challenge-1-white-space-clean.38053/#post-672425
  15. white space challenge august 2023

    white space challenge august 2023

    trying another perspective using my gopro
  16. Home


    Home is the place where you can be yourself, where your heart can be full of joy and love. It is not bound by walls or a roof, but by the warmth and security you feel as soon as you step inside. Home is the resting point in the storm of life, an oasis of comfort and familiarity. Home is where...
  17. balanced


    July Challenge #1 - Artsy / Mixed Media
  18. June Challenge #1 - 52 inspirations

    June Challenge #1 - 52 inspirations

    Thanks for the fun challenge Zanthia! I really like how these two kits worked together. My first 52 inspirations purchases. Credits: 52 Inspirations 2022 No 35 Sinopia the Extended Kit by Rachel Jefferies 52 Inspirations 2021 No 24 DottiPops and MopTops Mini Kit by Lorie Davison
  19. pollen Allergy

    pollen Allergy

    Grass pollens are my worst enemies in the summer, and it feels like they are always lurking, ready to overwhelm me with their inevitable symptoms. It is frustrating to know that I cannot avoid contact with this nasty allergen. The symptoms I experience are very similar to severe cold symptoms...
  20. 2023-06-12-Mojo-flowers.jpg


    52 Inspirations 2023 no 24 Lilliputian | Mixed Media Pocket Art Cards by Rachel Jefferies 52 Inspirations 2023 No 12 Words on Canvas by Lynn Grieveson 52 Inspirations 2023 No 02 Stash Builder Solid Scrapbook Papers by Vicki Stegall 52 Inspirations 2023 no 23 Faded Elegance Addon by Daydream Designs