1. A-Dream-is


    My dream car! The background is cyanotype 13a in Linear Light mode over mk2 paper 5 in Color Dodge mode over mk1 paper 02a. I created an alpha from the Walter font for the word WISH. Each letter has three different layer styles applied: a 5-pixel dark blue inside stroke, it is then beveled and...
  2. The Fast Lane

    The Fast Lane

  3. Run That Race – Project 2022

    Run That Race – Project 2022

  4. Nuts and Bolts – Project 2022

    Nuts and Bolts – Project 2022

  5. The Car

    The Car

    A heritage photo of my father, aunt and uncle. Wolfgang, older than my father, has a different story, he was sent to the states when he was a young child to avoid Hitler's Youth Group. He became a part of my father's extended family. There is also a story of my grandmother's family taking in a...
  6. autumn has arrived

    autumn has arrived

    ANNACOLOR CHALLENGE 10.21.2022 - 11.03.2022
  7. Rocky Mountain National Park

    Rocky Mountain National Park

    I scanned some old slides from 1971 from our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, ooh, we were so young! And I had to add a picture of the red 1971 Super Sport Nova for my husband. It was our first new car. (maybe that's why we didn't have any money!)
  8. Car Peugeot.jpg

    Car Peugeot.jpg

    Journaling: When I was 60, I got behind the wheel of a car for the first time. It has been a dream of mine for the last 30 years. However, for a variety of reasons, I couldn't do it. It was only thanks to my son's financial support that I bought a car in 2018.
  9. New Car

    New Car

    A gift to me!
  10. Play Fun

    Play Fun

    Bianca and her cousin playing together have fun together the car belongs to Sharon, her cousin ;) Credit: Half Pipe Page Kit by Danielle Young Designs
  11. Funny car

    Funny car

    This is my uncle driving/cycling a funny car he built with a couple of friends article from a local newspapers. Credits: Paper, tape ducts, fabric, flames: Rock On by Vicki Stegall at Oscraps Car stamp: Childs Play collab kit at Ndisb Brads and eyelets: What a cluster by Kris Myers...
  12. Driving


    My DD taking my husband for a ride in her jeep. Actually this picture was taken at the children's museum and I extracted it to go onto a road. I love the look on my husband's face. Priceless!! I used Imagine, Dream, Believe by Patty Webb of Patty's Designs available only at Scrap Outside...
  13. My Car

    My Car

    For the April Designer Spotlight Challenge Everything is 100% Melgen Designs Backgroundpaper and blades of grass from her Kit Medison Road Photo pockets and dots from Photo-Pockets Wrapper from Paper Fun Flowerstamp (recolored) from her Decorative Flower- Stamps(1) - Collection Brad...
  14. Two By Car

    Two By Car

    Danielle Young's Backyard Birthday Glitter Swirls Danielle Young's Backyard Birthday Buttons Danielle Young's Backyard Birthday Alpha --Digitreats-- Digitreats Grunge Green Paper --Scrapgirls-- Melissa Renfro's Weathered Frame Template Melissa Renfro's Edge It Effect Action Mandy...
  15. beetle hug

    beetle hug

    We got a new car last weekend and I'm a little sentimental about my old car. It was a way of life for me for the last 5+ years. I cried when it was gone, but I do love my new car and it is better and more comfortable for my new lifestyle. This is my last ride on the way to the dealership to...
  16. Jamie and his Bobbycar

    Jamie and his Bobbycar

    Credits: Template by Netty Boys will be boys by Netmaus Terracotta by Maunz Frh am Morgen by Kerstin Wordart by Nancy Rest by me Photo by me
  17. Father and Son

    Father and Son

    Kit: Bobbycar by me Fonts: Candice, Teen Dreem Magazeen Sketch by Andrea Cox Photo by me
  18. Dream Cars

    Dream Cars

    This was my entry for last weeks Amazing Race at NSID...What I want for my next birthday! Kit: Mysterious by Laura Burger at 3Scrapateers