1. I Will Rise Up!

    I Will Rise Up!

    Oh gosh, I have fallen in love with a new designer : #CraftyButtonDesigns!!! I was just browsing the gallery and found her kits and I now have NINETEEN of them in my wish list!! I did a few things in this page. I started with the sketch of the face, and then I used a background from her "Rise...
  2. Art Journal Challenge Week 2 - Ponder

    Art Journal Challenge Week 2 - Ponder

    This is for the Week 2 art journal challenge! Using a mood board, scrap a page that you've been inspired to do.
  3. coneflower


    February Challenge #4 - Big Photo — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/february-challenge-4-big-photo.36969 I used a semi-circle for my large shape. I duplicated the photo, then blended them (Soft Light on the top layer, Hard Light on the bottom). I added a layer mask to the bottom photo and...
  4. Calming stones

    Calming stones

    DH and his mindfulness stone collection :)
  5. The One Day

    The One Day

    The day I felt my prettiest... For the August Color Play I blended 3 papers to make the background.
  6. Scottish beach

    Scottish beach

    Wrapped up in our woollies for a summer in Scotland ;-)
  7. On the island

    On the island

    Love this picture of DD, on a day trip to one of the harbour islands in Auckland NZ
  8. Happy Singapore girl

    Happy Singapore girl

    DD as a toddler :-)
  9. Mechanical Girl

    Mechanical Girl

    I used Mechanical Overlays by MagicalReality Designs https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Mechanical-Overlays-by-MagicalReality-Designs.html
  10. Hello NZ

    Hello NZ

    Exploring New Zealand shortly after arriving. Love the dresses my mother sewed for us, and we were very colour co-ordinated!
  11. Shanghai


    My very cool DD at a museum in Shanghai.
  12. Redcar beach

    Redcar beach

    My Grandmother at the beach in England. This is a mock up I did so I could see what it looked like, and I liked so I have printed out big and I do now actually have this on my wall :-)
  13. Castlepoint


    My sisier and mother and I at the beach shortly after we arrived in New Zealand.
  14. Wave jumping

    Wave jumping

    At the beach with DD :-)
  15. Tackling the Spider's Web

    Tackling the Spider's Web

    DD at her favourite playground
  16. Epsom days

    Epsom days

    DD and I :-)
  17. First  baby

    First baby

    My mother and my sister :-)
  18. 18


    DD on our holiday last year
  19. Post war London

    Post war London

    My dad on a trip down to the big smoke from our north of England town.
  20. Herne Bay

    Herne Bay

    One of the most expensive places to live in New Zealand (a small wooden house will set you back as much or more as a French chateau!). We've been spending a lot of time at this fish and chip shop there as a close friend became a Covid refugee from Europe and was lent a small apartment here, and...