1. Oct AJ Week 4 Challenge: Gratitude

    Oct AJ Week 4 Challenge: Gratitude

  2. Dream of Spring

    Dream of Spring

    for Challenge #2 - Seasons
  3. Spring Baby

    Spring Baby

    Always a delight this one :-)
  4. I Will Rise Up!

    I Will Rise Up!

    Oh gosh, I have fallen in love with a new designer : #CraftyButtonDesigns!!! I was just browsing the gallery and found her kits and I now have NINETEEN of them in my wish list!! I did a few things in this page. I started with the sketch of the face, and then I used a background from her "Rise...
  5. Art Journal Challenge Week 2 - Ponder

    Art Journal Challenge Week 2 - Ponder

    This is for the Week 2 art journal challenge! Using a mood board, scrap a page that you've been inspired to do.
  6. coneflower


    February Challenge #4 - Big Photo — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/february-challenge-4-big-photo.36969 I used a semi-circle for my large shape. I duplicated the photo, then blended them (Soft Light on the top layer, Hard Light on the bottom). I added a layer mask to the bottom photo and...
  7. Calming stones

    Calming stones

    DH and his mindfulness stone collection :)
  8. The One Day

    The One Day

    The day I felt my prettiest... For the August Color Play I blended 3 papers to make the background.
  9. Scottish beach

    Scottish beach

    Wrapped up in our woollies for a summer in Scotland ;-)
  10. On the island

    On the island

    Love this picture of DD, on a day trip to one of the harbour islands in Auckland NZ
  11. Happy Singapore girl

    Happy Singapore girl

    DD as a toddler :-)
  12. Mechanical Girl

    Mechanical Girl

    I used Mechanical Overlays by MagicalReality Designs https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Mechanical-Overlays-by-MagicalReality-Designs.html
  13. Hello NZ

    Hello NZ

    Exploring New Zealand shortly after arriving. Love the dresses my mother sewed for us, and we were very colour co-ordinated!
  14. Shanghai


    My very cool DD at a museum in Shanghai.
  15. Redcar beach

    Redcar beach

    My Grandmother at the beach in England. This is a mock up I did so I could see what it looked like, and I liked so I have printed out big and I do now actually have this on my wall :-)
  16. Castlepoint


    My sisier and mother and I at the beach shortly after we arrived in New Zealand.
  17. Wave jumping

    Wave jumping

    At the beach with DD :-)
  18. Tackling the Spider's Web

    Tackling the Spider's Web

    DD at her favourite playground
  19. Epsom days

    Epsom days

    DD and I :-)
  20. First  baby

    First baby

    My mother and my sister :-)