1. AnnaColor: New Friends

    AnnaColor: New Friends

    At my old house in Austin, I had returning barn swallows birthing birds and nesting at my front door. At the new casa, I have a variety of new friends: doves, quails, small finches and jack rabbits. Could it be because I have a good-size bird feeder hanging off my porches? I adjusted the perches...
  2. In the Forest

    In the Forest

    Angel Wings Collection – also available as separate kits Craft Artist pack file format too https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-collection-angel-wings-lynne-anzelc.html
  3. Of Courage

    Of Courage

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Spring Madness, and Birds of a Feather kits.
  4. Round and Round the Garden

    Round and Round the Garden

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Spatterpink, Spells, and Royal Pets vol. 3, with elements from Shadow and Things, Castellum, Angry Birds, and Forest Creatures 3
  5. Capture Time

    Capture Time

    I visited a Bed and Breakfast Inn this weekend. On the front porch was an antique bird cage filled with antique clocks, reminding us to capture the special moments in our lives.
  6. Palvinka-Fragile


    Palvinka Fragile Bundle: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Fragile-Collection-PD.html
  7. Brown Pelican

    Brown Pelican

    I so love all the wildlife I get to see and photograph living in South Florida.
  8. Blue Heron

    Blue Heron

    The photo has been altered using the Sketch Filter in Photoshop CC. The photo was duplicated and the Sketch Filter with the Bas Relief Setting was applied to the bottom photo. The top photo was then set to a Blending Mode of Pin Light.
  9. Good Life

    Good Life

    Created for the March White Space Challenge. I used the Blend If options so that only a portion of the green paper would appear on the screen. This same option was also used on the brown flower behind the photo.


    Created with Colorplay Feb'22 products at Oscraps Lucky and Blessed Collection by Vicki Stegall Photo: My own


    Created with products from Oscraps: 52 Inspirations 2022 No 01 Stash Builder Scrapbook Kit | Vicki Stegall (Available as a subscription 52 Inspirations 2022 ) Photo: My own Journaling reads: Oct, 2021. Penguin, TAS. We had taken a drive to Penguin and while we were at the boat ramp these little...
  12. She Flew

    She Flew

    Created using: Free Bird Collection by Crafty Button Designs Miss Independent Artsy Pocket Page by Crafty Button Designs
  13. Stretching


    My photo is blending in two masks. I use also some brushes...
  14. The Swallows

    The Swallows

    For November Challenge #2 - Color Palette using: RUSTY SONG BUNDLE by Regina Falango By the Morning Light Kit by Lynne Anzelc ArtPlay Palette Routine by Anna Aspnes Photo: Freepick
  15. Oh! Snap

    Oh! Snap

    Lucky to get this shot. I missed when the male was also feeding the young ones. Haven't seen many cardinals this summer. Probably because of the squirrels.
  16. Singing for Supper

    Singing for Supper

    The template was perfect for a photo of my new barn swallow nestling singing. They're noisy, but oh so cute. Thanks for looking.
  17. Finally, babies.jpg

    Finally, babies.jpg

    Photo taken today of my new barn swallow nestlings. There’s a nest right outside my front door, this is the fourth year they’ve come back to have babies.
  18. Florida Winter 2021

    Florida Winter 2021

    Just a little reminder of why I love Florida winters. The blue and green paper pieces and the blue and yellow tag were created by clipping papers from Spring Shenanigans to paper pieces from Crazy Wall.
  19. Spring of March

    Spring of March

  20. AnnaColor - In This Exact Moment

    AnnaColor - In This Exact Moment

    Thanks to keto I gradually cut back and stopped almost all of my meds, trying to figure out which one was causing severe thirst and throat swelling. After twenty heated minutes on a telemed call the doc finally agreed to help me to taper off my mood stabilizer at least temporarily.