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  1. November AJ Week4

    November AJ Week4

    And it's all finished!!! LOVE working with this template for the challenges!!
  2. November AJ Week 1

    November AJ Week 1

    I am doing all four weeks with the template Ona provided. I hope by the end that it is a cohesive and fun layout to look at!
  3. November AJ Week One

    November AJ Week One

    Created for Week One of the November Art Journal Challenge. The prompt I used was "pets."
  4. Not Crazy One

    Not Crazy One

    Credits: Created for the November Color Palette Challenge. I used color palette number one. The background consists of four layers. The bottom layer is a blue painty paper from Mixed Media by Erin. The layer above that is a red and blue painty paper, also from Erin, with a blend mode of Pin...
  5. 23-10_joyfulheartdesigns-colorcrush71


    Created with Oscraps Color Play October 2023 products


    As I watch the leaves fall in autumn, I realize that the natural cycles are reflected in my life. Autumn calls for letting go and releasing burdens. Like trees, I am part of nature. Change is inevitable. Autumn is like a wise friend who says it is good to let go. Making room for growth is...
  7. Narcissists


    'Nuff said ;-)
  8. AJ Week 4 July - Autumn

    AJ Week 4 July - Autumn

    for the Art Journaling Challenge - week 4
  9. Fly Free

    Fly Free

    Color Crush 68 by Joyful Heart Designs is new in the store! This collection includes "Stamps and Stuff" which includes large brushes, some elements and tags. The word art I used is now included.
  10. My Daddy and Me

    My Daddy and Me

    For the Art Journal Challenge for June
  11. My dreams and hopes

    My dreams and hopes

    My son turned 15 last month but this is NOT the layout to celebrate the occasion. This one is for me only - all the things he doesn't want to hear, all the tenderness he doesn't want to deal with, and all the beauty he refuses to see. There will be a masculine page at some point, but for now -...
  12. Bigger Dreams

    Bigger Dreams

    Some kits are made for art journaling... and this is one of them...
  13. Mothers are Amazing

    Mothers are Amazing

    For Challenge #3 for May - Collaborations
  14. Were did I come from?

    Were did I come from?

    Belgium, a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. It is the land of my ancestors and the place where my family is originally from. I feel proud to say that I carry a part of this unique culture in my genes.
  15. ck-zipper-templates-02-psd-01-600.jpg


    Connection Keeping Mom's Mental Health Art Journaling Connection Keeping's Zipper Template 02
  16. smell the flowers

    smell the flowers

    "Take time to smell the flowers" reminds us not to let life go by too quickly without noticing the small moments of beauty and joy that surround us. It is an invitation to live in the moment and enjoy the simple things in life, even when we feel caught in the daily rush and stress.
  17. Steam Punk Gal

    Steam Punk Gal

    for Rachel Jefferies Mixed Media Challenge
  18. Intuition


    JOURNALING (Dutch) reads: I have always believed in intuition. There is something magical about the feeling that comes deep inside, without being able to put words to it. And when I met you, I felt it right away. I knew you were "the one" for me.Some people call it love at first sight, but for...
  19. Looking at the bright side

    Looking at the bright side

    JOURNALING (dutch) reads: Sometimes it's hard to stay positive when it seems like life keeps getting you down. But at such times, I always think of the deeper meaning of the words, "You can't have a rainbow without a little rain." It reminds me that there is beauty to be found in the rain, even...
  20. March Art journaling Challenge #2

    March Art journaling Challenge #2