1. Dream


    The process ... started with a solid paper and placed artsy transfer no4 as well as a transfer (Edge Overlay 1). Change the color of one layer blue -» brow to better fit the challenge. Blended my photo and applied two pieces of word art transformed with warp tool. Next I added the word art and a...
  2. Fab


    Made for the AnnaColor Challenge. Stated with a black solid paper and added an artsy transfer. I used an artsy paper on the right side of my background and blended it. Next I placed my big photo and the tiny moon that I mixed in the transfer layers. Last step was my word art. Thanks for looking!
  3. Begin & End

    Begin & End

    The process ... Started with an artsy paper and a solid paper as 1srt layer. Selected one artsytrasfer matching the paper and used a non destructive layer to softness the color a bit. I picked a second artsytransfer and added a wonderful paper texture to my layout, loved it! Next I picked my...
  4. Anna Color _

    Anna Color _

    Created with "Forester" and " Artsy Kardz Magic Rabbit" by Anna Aspnes Picture AHW
  5. Lost in my thoughts

    Lost in my thoughts

    Created with : "Artsy transfer Flaner 2" & "Preserve Wordtransfers 1" & "Paper Textures 18" by Anna Aspnes and "Amber and Indigo" by CBD Picture Pixabay
  6. AnnaColor : How To Heal?

    AnnaColor : How To Heal?

    This layout is very personal to me...It shows how hard it is to navigate grief,sorrow,sadness,guilt,regret...My beloved husband,Ray passed away from terminal brain cancer...It was 5 months on the 9th of November...since he has passed away...It was such a shock to all of us...He spent only 9 days...
  7. Coolness


    The process ... started my layout with two artsy transfers (on the left and in the middle) and a transfer (on the right). Then I added a mask and clipped my photo. I change the color of the photo to better fit the color palette. Next step was to blend a couple of text pieces in the background...
  8. The Best of It

    The Best of It

    Made for the AnnaColor Challenge from10.06.2023 - 10.19.2023. The process ... started with an artsy paper and added two artsytransfers matching my paper. I did it to make the transfers pop a little bit more. next i added my photo using to masks from the collection but I changed them. Last step...
  9. slow down

    slow down

    ANNA COLOR CHALLENGE 09.08.2023 - 09.28.2023
  10. Perfect - AnnaColor

    Perfect - AnnaColor

    The process ... started with the solid paper no.1 and used a an artsy transfer, overlays and bushes to build my background. I clipped my photo to a mask and added the paper texture behind, loved the effect. Then I spread confetti's all over the place and added the art strokes. Next step was the...
  11. dîner en blanc

    dîner en blanc

    ANNA COLOR CHALLENGE 08.25.23 - 09.07.23
  12. Anna - Blue, blue, blue !

    Anna - Blue, blue, blue !

    Created with : "Ikigai-APP" by Anna Aspnes & "Slow Summer" by Vicki Stegall for the "Anna color challenge. Picture Unsplash
  13. Thrive


    I´ve started with a solid paper and added two artsy transfers. I changed some colors, specially the yellow, and used a couple of brushes to build my background. I used an extraction and made my title/cluster art with the elements form the collection. Thanks for looking!!
  14. Anna Color - Birds

    Anna Color - Birds

  15. Embrace the Journey

    Embrace the Journey

    Made this for the AnnaColor Challenge 07.14.2023 - 07.27.2023. The process ... I started by deciding that I was going to have a lot of fun!! an artsy paper for my background and an artsy transfer matching the paper and the stains to intensify the colors. Wow, I was liking it already!!! I used a...
  16. Stravage


    Realized for AnnaColor Challenge, using "mini palette Stravage" by Anna Aspnes and "52 inspirations 2021" (LorieDavison-idgie-Simplette-VivaAtistry-VickiStegall).
  17. Remember


    The process ... started this by placing an artsy transfer from the Noble collection to my canvas. Then I kept building my background with a solid paper and overlays/brushes, all in blue and red tons. I used a mask to clip my photo and placed my WA ... all from this Value Pack. Thanks for looking!
  18. diamond wedding anniversary

    diamond wedding anniversary

    ANNACOLOR CHALLENGE 06.30.2023 - 07.13.2023
  19. lost


  20. Palette de mai

    Palette de mai

    AnnaColor Challenge - May - Page created with : "ArtsyTransfers Knowledge" + "Artplay Palette Knowledge" + Anna's items in "52 inspirations 2021" by Anna Aspnes designs. And : "Idelisa" - Add on & kit - by Foxeysquirrel