1. Cheers


    Happy 11th Anniversary to my DD & S-I-L.
  2. Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

    Greeting cards made with the fun The Fisherman Mini by Maya de Groot
  3. L is for Lips

    L is for Lips

    Fab Friday cOlor PLAY Speak words of kindness. Continuing my alphabet sketch table book (randomly) haha "L is for Lips" sketch 08/21
  4. Hello Fall

    Hello Fall

    Fab Friday cOlor PLAY Fall ... the most beautiful of seasons, to me. I love the added teals in this collection. Photo courtesy of David Hurley/Unsplash
  5. Flower Children

    Flower Children

  6. Honeymoon to Italy . . . finally

    Honeymoon to Italy . . . finally

    My daughter and son-in-love (who live in NYC) are finally able to fly to Italy, after 18 months & 2 delays, because of Covid-19. They had to cancel the other countries they were going to, because they are still on lockdown, for travelers. But, Italy is where they love the most so I'm happy they...
  7. Edison's going to be a big brother

    Edison's going to be a big brother

    Edison is getting a baby brother in February 2022!!! We're so excited. September Featured Products - Save Your Photos https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-featured-products/
  8. Summer Memories

    Summer Memories

    My DD, Amy and grandson, Edison, having a sunny day in the sunflower fields. Fun playing with the Fab Friday Color Play collection.
  9. unMask Me

    unMask Me

    I'm learning, day by day, to unmask my feelings. It's a life long lesson, I think. Sketched 08.24.21 ~dj inspired by a painting lesson Challenge #5 - Art Journaling
  10. Edison, Mommy & Daddy

    Edison, Mommy & Daddy

    My adorable prince is going to be 2 years old next month. Where has the 2 years gone? He's 18 months in this photo.
  11. beachy day

    beachy day

    A day to watch the sunset at the beach.
  12. Pumpkin Patch

    Pumpkin Patch

    My grandson, Edison, at his first pumpkin patch, last year. For the Challenge #4 - Multi Photos
  13. Inspiration - Imagination

    Inspiration - Imagination

    For Challenge #1 - Sketch Sketched by dj 08.01.21
  14. Time. . .

    Time. . .

    For the challenge, I changed the flowers from a cream color to a soft pink and the grid in the back I changed from black to blue.
  15. Journaling & greeting card projects

    Journaling & greeting card projects

    I used Vicki's Fab Friday products to make a greeting card, journal card w/envelope and I printed & cut out all her word snippets and tucked them in a little pouch to add to my journal, to use throughout.
  16. Water Play

    Water Play

    My grandson LOVES to play in the water...however that plays out. :) Hose..tub..rain.
  17. Heirloom Tea Cup

    Heirloom Tea Cup

    My MIL gave each of us, daughters-in-law, cups from her collection, in the early 1970s. Her mom started the collection and she wanted us, each, to have them. (There were 7 DIL's) I'll pass them down to my daughters. This is my favorite one.
  18. Edison, say cheese!

    Edison, say cheese!

    Edison gave his mommy a look that said, "enough pictures." She told him, "Edison, say cheese!" He then rolled his eyes to the side and gave her that cheeky grin. That boy is hilarious. She is reaping what she sowed when she was a little girl. haha I love that boy! (18 months old)
  19. Edison - 18 months

    Edison - 18 months

    My little grandson, Edison, taking his mama and daddy on another adventure. :)
  20. Mom's Apple Cake Recipe

    Mom's Apple Cake Recipe

    I love when I come across treasures from Mom, like her Apple Cake Recipe, in her own writing, on an original & well-worn paper. I miss her so! Use It All - July Challenge #4 Mini created by Ona, using Vicki Stegall Design https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-4-use-it-all.33883/