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    Class aA 2001Class

    Okay, well just pop back in here if you need a hand with anything. :)
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    Class aA 2001Class

    Okay, thanks for your reply, just let me know the details of the class you are after (in a private message) and I may be able to point you in the right direction. :)
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    Class aA 2001Class

    There are no classes at this site? please refer to the private message I just you.
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    It's been a while

    Hi and welcome again! wow! time certainly rushes by, 17 already!!! :) Glad to hear you now have some time to learn some new things, just holler if you need a hand with anything. :)
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    Welcome Video

    Hi there and welcome back! :) Our Introduction thread is here if you would like to pop on over to it, a lot more people will see it over there than here. :) https://oscraps.com/community/forums/introduce-yourself.5/
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    Hello, Hello!

    Welcome, welcome.............. or should I say welcome back to the O! :)
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    yay!!!! and you ARE NOT dense Luisa!!! Learning something new can sometimes take a little bit...

    yay!!!! and you ARE NOT dense Luisa!!! Learning something new can sometimes take a little bit of time, but now that you have done it you shouldn't have any problems. BUT if you do, just holler again, I am here to help anytime! xxx
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    Hello from UK

    Hi and welcome to the O, looking forward to getting to know you. :) Just holler if you need a hand with anything. :)
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    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Challenges) - 2021

    Luisa, click on your layout in the gallery to open it, and then go right to the top of your browser and copy the URL address, then go back to your tracking post, edit, and paste that link next to the challenge. I did a screen shot of your layout for Challenge 3 to show you below: I went ahead...
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    Greetings from Northern Ireland

    Oh I am super jealous!! What a glorious part of the world to have moved to Anne!! Welcome back to the O, will definitely talk to Vicki about your galleries! :)
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    What's in YOUR username?

    Love reading all of these!!! :) Mine originated when I first 'discovered' ebay, well before I found digi scrapbooking! lol! Trying to come up with an account name for ebay I settled on our then 'street' address: 146 Wombat Creek Road = wombat146. When I first signed up here in 2008 (!!!!) I...
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    Luisa, you can use the Edit Media link in the pic posted by Chris above OR you can click the Edit link under your layout, both of these take you to the same place. :) I have also updated the guide for uploading a layout to the gallery which includes how to Edit a layout as well. It is HERE
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    November 2021 Challenge #6 - White Space

    Goodness, there are MORE stunning layouts in here since I last popped in! All the layouts are just so very unique and lovely! :D
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    Comment by 'wombat146' in media 'Elephant Family'

    Fantastic page Elaina, love how that the photo of the elephants is really the focus for the page! Beautifully done!
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    Comment by 'wombat146' in media 'Challenge #6 White Space: Believe in the Magic of December'

    What a stunning cover for your album! Absolutely magical! Love the little hints of subdued colour across the double page spread, I love it all!