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  1. Through your eyes

    Through your eyes

    I love these pictures of my girls last summer EVERYTHING from **New Kit ** ME & YOU by Taylormade Designs
  2. Keep Going

    Keep Going

    Journaling: may 2013, the journey to natural hair has been a long and tedious process for both of you, i know that there have been times, that we would all like to just quit and give up, either by cutting your hair all off or using chemicals. you both inspire me, to strive for bigger and...
  3. Laugh


    I love this picture of my oldest daughters ... they are quite the pair!! :) Done for Amanda's Designer Challenge at Oscraps found here https://ozone.oscraps.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26509 Credits: Papers and Frame : Slideshow by TaylorMade Designs Word Art : Expressive in Theory...
  4. september


    Couldn't resist doing another layout with the newest kit by TaylorMade Designs SLIDESHOW except : Swirl - from Mere Modesty TaylorMade Designs all sold at www.oscraps.com
  5. this year

    this year

    Journaling: there have been so many changes this year, some of them incredible and some of them not so incredible graduating grade 8, starting grade 9, personal family issues, black thoughts, dark days, life changing events racisim, bullies, MOVE DC, invisible children, uganda, long bus...
  6. Original Quote by Danielle

    Original Quote by Danielle

    Last one for me for the TaylorMade Designs Challenge which can be found here at Oscraps click the link below!! https://ozone.oscraps.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26340 The quote on the page is an original quote by my daughter Danielle, she is 14! Fits perfectly with this challenge!! HOPE...
  7. Myoldanlac

    Comment by 'Myoldanlac' in media 'Love'

    Lord have mercy these pictures are incredible!! Beautifully captured!
  8. Love


    Another one for Amanda's Spotlight https://ozone.oscraps.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26340 Credits: Quick Page Life Lessons by TaylorMade Designs
  9. Joy


    My little Mya, who really isn't so little anymore ... but she brings me tremendous joy!! As she does to all of us!! :) Layout done for the TaylorMade Designs SPotlight https://ozone.oscraps.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26340 Credits: Quick Page from Life Lessons by TaylorMade Designs
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    May 2013 Standing O's

    WOAH WOAH WOAH!! Twice in one month ... ladies you flatter me .. however ... I must admit I have fabulous subjects and an INCREDIBLE designer's products to work with :)
  11. Myoldanlac

    May 2013 Standing O's

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the love ladies :)
  12. Questions


    Another layout for the TaylorMade Design Spotlight found here [ link ] Credits: Life Lessons Quickpages by TaylorMade Designs [ link ]
  13. Hope


    Another layout for the TaylorMade Design Spotlight found here https://ozone.oscraps.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26340 Credits: Life Lessons Quickpages by TaylorMade Designs www.oscraps.com
  14. She's a WORLD Changer

    She's a WORLD Changer

    Find the details to this INCREDIBLE challenge here!! https://ozone.oscraps.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26340 Credits: Everything from TaylorMade Designs Life Lessons and Script Ease all sold here at www.oscraps.com