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    NOVEMBER 2022 - Standing O's

    Thank you so much!
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    Thanks so much! ❤️
  3. Winter


    I do like the red and green colors of the kits in this season. When I saw Anna's new kit, I imagined a winter landscape, so I created Midjourney. I chose a solid paper, and I played with the image's blending modes and I applied photomask on some areas. Then I placed some brushes, elements, and...
  4. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-frondescence-beszteri-autumn_1000.jpg


    Creating process: 1. Anna's BrushSets always blow me away, so I started with a solid background and a brush as the foundation of my page. 2. I placed some elements around the brushes applying realistic shadows. 3. I chose a photo taken on my walk yesterday, and I clipped it onto a FotoBlendz...
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    Wow, great page to lift! :)
  6. Perfect Moments

    Perfect Moments

    1. When I saw this kit, the grapes caught my eyes immediately. So, unusually, I start with the grapes as the foundation of my page. 2. Then I chose two solid papers (number 1 and number 5) and I placed them. The number 5's blending mode is Multiply. 3. I added some realistic elements with...
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    I'm a huge fan of your style. :)
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    Love the frames, beautiful page!
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    Great heritage page, love its mood!
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    Gorgeous! These colors are awesome!
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    Beautiful photo and I really love how you placed the lace.
  12. there is always hope

    there is always hope

    When I saw the new aA brush set my imagination started to work. A little earlier I created an image with MidjourneyAI and I thought it would be perfect for these brushes. 1. I started with the Mindjourney image, which I placed in the center of the page. 2. I started to add the different brushes...