Where We Reside

Where We Reside

Inspiration – one of the pages that Anna deconstructed on the 4/11 aAconnect session.

Start – New File File>New 12x12 300

Paper – Placed Solid Paper 3 above the background layer and then added Artsy Paper 4 which I rotated. Later I added a mask to the Artsy Paper to reveal the Solid Paper.

Photos – I used the Object Selection Tool to select the three walkers and their dog from one photo. Then I used the Quick Selection Tool to extract the buildings and part of the beach where the water was mostly gone. I placed the beach picture first and then the people picture on top. I masked the beach photo so it was uneven on the bottom edge.

Transfers – Transfer 1 I placed over the solid paper then I duplicated it and rotated and put it on the other side. Artsy Transfer 4 was added to the page above the paper layers. The word transfer content I placed above Transfer 1.

Element Cluster – the twig was placed on the page, then added the fabric flower which I duplicated, Used Ctrl U to change the color, and then resized and rotated. Placed the ribbon above the twig. Next, I added the tag to the twig. I selected the twig and on the tag, I used the eraser to remove it so the twig appeared to be coming through the hole in the tag. I took threads from one of the Multimedia Frames and placed them below the twig. Lastly, I added the word art Where we Reside – because where we reside you walk on the beach in the spring. Placed the word strip In the sunlight on the tag with a blend mode of Lighten.

Other elements – I added the circle frame above the artsy transfer like it was the sun. I took a flower from one of the Multimedia frames and placed it inside the frame. I grouped these together and added a mask so that only the part above the building showed. Lastly, I added some lace which I recolor blue

To every element that needed a drop shadow and didn’t have one, I added one.

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