W is for Weathering the Storm

W is for Weathering the Storm

AnnaRelease 3 April 2020 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/AnnaRelease-3-April-2020.html
Halloween WordART Mix No. 2 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Halloween-WordART-Mix-No.-2.html

Inspiration -I was up to W on my Alpha series and I thought of combining pictures of storms and words about the upheaval we are experiencing.
Started -with Discquiet Artxy Layer Template
FotoBlendz - Added Fotoblendz 1.4 to the page
Photos - I attached a photo taken after a snow storm to both of the landscape frames on the right and added a photo of a storm sea to the pair on the left using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. Then I added a snow storm photo taken through my windshield to the Fotoblendz again using Layer>Create Clipping mask. I added another snowstorm picture and attached to a paint white layer using the same method. But I duplicated the photo and instead of using a Clipping Mask I add a Mask and on the mask brushed away parts of the photo but still more showed then was clipped on the original. I changed the Blend Mode of the original to Multiply. The Mask Layer of the Fotoblendz I changed to Lighten.
Papers -I choose Solid Paper 1 and placed beneath all the photos and the transfer layer that appears on the left edge. I turned off the visibility layers below the paper.
Elements - I choose the Lace because it could look like swirling snow
Multimedia - I choose the bonus Multimedia with the cup placing it in the corner created by the frames and titling it slightly.
Title - I used the Wood Word Big and Leather Word Scare as my title.
Journal - Talked about being used to storms and knowing we would weather this one.
Love this gorgeous wintery page Joan, the great photos looks beautiful on the dark background, super!
Great topic and photos for W! I'm impressed with those of you who have scrapped the alphabet!

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