Used It All - Sayonara

Used It All - Sayonara

I played Use It All, no photo, just ArtsyKardz and Sayonara elements etc. I managed to get an urban threadz visual triangle and a diagonal flow in there. Although I already see a couple of no-nos.

I started with the Stitched Template Pack 1 p2, grouped and reduced the size, then added Sayonara Solid Paper 2 below it. After clipping various ArtsyKardz to most of the masks, and ArtsyPaper 1 to the long mask on the left, I also clipped Solid Paper 4 to the two white frames and ArtsyTransfer 3 to the bottom right mask. Then I just played around placing transfers and artsy transfers below the template. Above the template I placed elements, WordArt Cluster, and MultiMedia Magic Sprinklez.
Credits list
Stitched Template Pack 1

ArtPlay Sayonara Collection, on sale now for limited time, includes the following:
MultiMedia Magic Sprinklez 4
Seasons WordArt Clusters 1

Other assets used (and also on sale now):
Sayonara Artsy Transfers
Sayonara ArtsyKardz
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
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I love this, it looks so good, don't see any no-no's; that ribbon seems to tie everything together nicely!
I love it because it's so playful and guaranteed to be full of textures and interesting elements to study over time. ;)
I'm trying to figure out what you think the "no nos" are. It looks great. I love the stitching as a way to divide the page. I also love the little bird resting on the ribbon and the way the design is a triangle within a square.

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