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I spent way too much time playing around with the Distort filter- an entire afternoon just messing with photos. I wasn't inspired by some of the filters bit when I began trying out different options with the twirl filter started to like what I saw. I wanted the effect only on the tail of the butterfly to I used the ellipse Marquee to select that area. Next, I went to Distort>Twirl box and moved the slider around until I got the twirl that I wanted. The butterfly looks like an ornament or pendant so I created a mystical forest scene around it.

Kit: Forest
Butterfly: Butterfly Effects
by Foxeysquirrel
Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash
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  1. Foxeysquirrel
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It DOES look like an ornament! I thought it was until I read the description! Maybe you have a future in jewelry! I spent a long time playing with the filters too. It may have been frustrating but your final result was WELL worth it! Beautiful Page! Truly! :D
Ofcourse it is great to use the effect on a part of your layout! This can be very effective! I am happy you found a good use for it! Beautiful page!
Spectacular! I love the tail effect. I, too, thought it was an ornament. I love how you've framed the page with those lovely streaming vines. Gorgeous.
I love what you did here. It is beautiful! And it definitely does look like a beautiful pendant. Love how you placed it on this very dark background. Stunning!

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