Tulips in the Sun

Tulips in the Sun

Text reads: There is nothing better than a sun-filled day as we stroll and look at all the bright flower colors. It is so relaxing that my spirit soars! Skagit Valley, Mount Vernon, Washington, USA April 22, 2022

Construction: I started with ArtPlay Palette Sol Solid Paper #1, duplicating it, reducing opacity 50% and adding Blend Mode Multiply.

I placed Artsy Transfers Sol #2 and clipped my photo to 3 different stains.
I then placed Artsy Transfers Sol #1 on the left side, duplicated it and placed on the upper right side of the page. I eliminated several layers changed opacity and blending modes.
I added Artsy Transfers Sol #5 duplicating and moving some layers.

I added MultiMedia Suns No. 3 #4 to the sky and parts of MultiMedia Suns No. 3 #1 to the field. I duplicated the fotoglow layer of MultiMedia Suns No. 3 #1 and placed in several different locations around the page.

I added Shine WordART Mix No.1 ScriptTease #1 in 3 places.
I added Shine WordART Mix No. 1 WordART #4 near the MultiMedia Suns No. 3 #1 changing the color to a deep green
I added HandStitchez No. 1 #9, a number of ArtPlay Palette Sol Yellow Gems and Shine WordART Mix No. 1 Beaded Threadz “Sun” to MultiMedia Suns No. 3 #4.
I scattered several ArtPlay Palette Sol Yellow Gems near text on the page.
The text is font Arial Narrow.
Oh this is beautiful! I love the orange tulips! We didn't have much sun at all on our trip, but I still enjoyed all the color. Love the triangle of gold beads!

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