There Is No Pepe Silvia

There Is No Pepe Silvia

This is based on an episode of It's Always Sunny when Charlie Day makes a string-board and determines there is no Pepe Silvia
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This scene is full of frenetic energy and I wanted to create the same feeling in my page. I used the scraps of paper and strings over and over the photos of my family along with extra scribbles and a messy font. I also wanted the corkboard to look like it was inset, so I used Bevel and Emboss and Inner Shadow Layer Styles instead of a drop shadow.
Crazy Wall
By ViVa Artistry
Additional elements from Exposed and Live Wildly by ViVa
Font: Heated
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  1. Viva Artistry
Chris I just adore your layout! The design is so clever and it is so "Your Family"!! It made me giggle (thanks for that!). Truly unique and fabulous page!
I'd say you achieved your goals, Chris. This is awesome. Love the photos and your creative board. It looks so real, like I could just pick a photo, string or tack right off. ♥
I love It’s Always Sunny! I saw your work & I’m like, I know that name... Great layout & great reference. Charlie would be proud.

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