The World is but a Canvas

The World is but a Canvas

Anna Aspnes - APP Cosmopolis - Coming Soon

This APP is perfect for my teen age son! I started off by clipping and blending the photo of my son into one of the transfers. Then I built my page from the bottom up, creating a pie chart. Then I added the framed photo with embellishments. Word art and journaling were added to complete the page!
I really like the interplay of the pie chart with the car wheels and then with the beaded Threadz as the eye moves across the page. The whole thing kind of "rolls." So beautifully fluid!
Love this! The grunginess, the pie chart, your stitchez and wonderful blending your subject into the bg.
Beautiful, Amy! Fabulous photo of your son and love the circle stitching!
Stellar! Hi Amy! I've been out of the gallery for a month so I hadn't noticed you're on Anna's team...Congrats!
always love your work Amy... but your son can't be a teenager!!! looking forward to following your creativity...

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