The Odd Duck.jpg

The Odd Duck.jpg

I began feeding the ducks living in the stream behind the condo soon after I moved in. Usually they're waiting for me. But I started noticing one standout—a black duck among the colorful Mallards. Apparently, it's not unusual for these Black Swedes to join the flock. They often mate and produce a variety of differently colored offspring. Oh, he told his friends about the free food because several more "odd ducks" began showing up too.

Used a watercolor template of Anna's.

Thanks for looking.
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He's a fine looking interloper :) You have to have new chicks to photograph now that your others have a new family looking after them. Love the fun title work.
So nice to see you getting settled in, especially knowing this is a very good change for you. Wishing you the very happiest new year.
I have to laugh...the birds seem to have food radar, don't they? We saw a snow goose (rare around here) mixed in with a flock of Canadian geese. There was also a roseate spoonbill hanging out by a hotel a few towns up from us--and those NEVER come here. Always great so see bird documentation, and hope your 2022 is healthy and happy!

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