Gentle Morning Artplay Palette--**coming soon**
MultiMediaBirdsNo. 1--**coming soon**
RiseWordARTMixNo.1--**coming soon**
12x12PageFotoBlendzNo. 9--**coming soon**


I made the background with a parfait of papers: two solids set to the multiply blend mode followed by a 12x12 Page Fotoblendz followed by an artsy paper. I dragged in MultiMediaBirds #3, tilting the base of the cage to align with the crayon mark on the artsy paper. The stationary bird (MultiMediaBird #4) came next and for its background I added another 12x12 Fotoblendz (reduced in size) and the clock from the Artplay Palette. I blended the clock by setting the Fotoblendz to multiply. The bird flight came next (MultiMediaBirds#2), with a standard drop shadow to give them some lift off the pageI set these guys to the linear dodge blend mode. I then inserted RiseWordARTMix1-wordtransfer#2 to get the word stirred and then wound up making a line of the flowers along the crayon mark by duplicating the transfer and masking out the parts I didn't want. I used a variety of blending modes on the transfers just to change it up. I added the lights last, using the Fotoglows that come with the MultiMediaBirds, and pulled in a paper bird and a wood bird from the various files because, in my opinion, you just can't have too many birds. I was going to leave off the journaling, but at the last minute...nah, couldn't do it. :)

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