Sea Habilitation
Created For My : July 2022 : Occasions & Themes Challenge

What's the best thing to do when it's hot like this in July? Get out of the city's heat and go hang out at the Beach of course! Cool off with a swim have some awesome ice cream or a cool drink! Go for a walk on the beach and listen and watch the waves and feel the soothing of your mind, body and soul, with the beach melting away all of your stress. And don't forget your sunscreen! LOL! Maybe bring your own refreshments and food goodies and have a picnic of sorts on the beach too. I'm also a big fan of beach themed layouts and I do love creating them whether they are personal, mixed media, white space, art journal-y , pocket page or more traditional. All scrapbooking styles are welcome!!!...

I hope you will join me for some beach/beachy/sea/ocean layout fun!!!...Even if it is winter where you are right now...A warm day at the beach could be fun too!!!...
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Coastal Memories Collection By Palvinka Designs

Additional Credits : Photo Courtesy Of : Zoran-Zonda Stojanovski : Unsplash
: Font I Used For My Title : Microsoft New Tai Lue Regular
: BYOC 2018 : Sticker Style : Mommyish
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  1. Palvinka
This is crazy good! Love the way you framed her upper body with those beautiful elements and then continuing the cluster down the center of the page.

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