Reluctant bridesmaid

Reluctant bridesmaid

My mother and my grandparents at my Aunt's wedding; my Mum tells me she hated the whole experience of being a bridesmaid, I'm going to get her exact take on the whole thing and journal later - do a double page spread with the bride and groom on the other side. All I know for sure is that the dress was pale blue and the gloves and hat a pale pink...isn't it funny that no one seemed to smile in wedding photographs!

I extracted the figures, duplicated a couple of times and set the mode hard light, layered these on a selection of transfers with the frame in the background also on hard light. In between the duplicated figures I used one of the brushes to introduce a hint of blue and pink. I duplicated and enlarged my Mum, still on hard light mode and behind used an overlay from AP Viaggio to introduce a bit more texture.

ArtPlay Palette Sojourn
ArtPlay Palette Viaggio
http://www.oscraps.com/shop/ArtPlay-Palette-Viaggio.html (sky overlay)
This is going to be a fabulous spread, with the details of the "reluctant bridesmaid" revealed. This page is a great start. I've always wondered about the not smiling too, and a photographer friend told me that in those days it was a really big and serious deal to be photographed so people stood straight, paid attention, and stared into the camera--with solemn portraits as a result.
beautiful photo and coloring.
my grandfather said no one smiled because it was so expensive for the photos!
Your layout has been featured on the GSO blog today!


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