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Lori Ann

Reesa & Lily 2016.jpg

Loreesa loved her American Girl Doll. We brought her to the American Girl Doll store for her birthday and after about an hour she picked this cutie. You could get a doll customized to resemble yourself. Loreesa named her Lily and said she is my twin sister. Dec. 2016
What a wonderful group of photos! Looks like she loves the doll! The stamped flowers are a great addition to your page. It's so pretty!
Oh I love this. My daughter never cared for dolls but I had a niece that loved American girl dolls. I love that she was able to have a doll that looked like her. And this page....love all of the white space and yet a multi-photo page. Love how you journaled this at the bottom. Fantastic job on this challenge.

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