Rainbow Dreams
I always love looking at rainbows...It is so cool! how rainbows are created...And getting that just right pic of one is almost as amazing!...So here is a double rainbow!!!...Even more rare to snap...I really wanted the photo to shine...so I kept the design to a more white space type of design...I wanted the frame & the photo to pop...with lots of interesting & different kinds of shadowing effects...The paper choice was just the one!...I did not have to add anything to the paper...All the nature inspired items you see here on the paper...are all on this wonderful! MM paper!...I really like how the leaves on the paper...draw your eye right up to the well-shadowed frame & photo!...I only used 5 elements here to complete this page!!!...plus creative shadowing...I guess sometimes less...really is enough!...
I saw the thumbnail and clicked because it was so lovely. I never would have guessed that it was yours! with all that white space. It's gorgeous. I love the faded background with the wispy drawings and the polka-dotted paper under the frame. Lucky you to find a double rainbow!

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