1. Don't Forget This Moment

    Don't Forget This Moment

    Created For The May 27th 2022 : Fab Friday Color Play : Forget Me Not : Natali Designs


    Soulangeana | The Complete Mixed Media Collection by Rachel Jefferies Photo: My own
  3. BE ForgetMeNot Natali copy.jpg

    BE ForgetMeNot Natali copy.jpg

  4. Happy May

    Happy May

    A day in my daughter life...
  5. The Work is Done

    The Work is Done

    Done for the 2022-05 Momma O [ Vicki Stegalls ] May 2022 Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-05-momma-o-vicki-stegalls-may-2022-challenge.35371/ Journaling reads: The work is done; no more to man is given; The grateful Farmer trusts the rest to Heaven. –Robert...
  6. Défi AnnaLift 13.05.22 - 27.05.22

    Défi AnnaLift 13.05.22 - 27.05.22

  7. may flowers

    may flowers

    Done for the May 2022 Anna Color Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-05-13-2022-05-26-2022.35588/ Journaling reads: The Sweet Williams, on the left, came back from last year. I was surprised since I left the basket hanging out all winter long. The...
  8. BE May 22 Challenge #3 - 52 Insp - Spring

    BE May 22 Challenge #3 - 52 Insp - Spring

    May Challenge #3 - 52 Inspirations - Spring https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-2022-challenge-3-52-inspirations.35440/#post-626049
  9. Believe In Hope

    Believe In Hope

    Created With The New! Spring In The Garden Collection By Palvinka Designs : https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Spring-In-The-Garden-Collection.html
  10. The Merry Month of May

    The Merry Month of May

    Journaling reads: The earth is waking at the voice of May, The new grass brightens by the trodden way, The woods wave welcome to the sweet spring day, And the sea is growing summer blue. –Elizabeth Akers Allen (1832–1911) I grouped all of the paint, stain and texture elements together from the...
  11. Life Filled with Joy

    Life Filled with Joy

    Journaling reads: Roasting hot dogs at our fire pit in the woods is a sign of spring and time to gather with family and friends! I used a brush duplicated several times for the photo mask. I duplicated the string elements and layered one behind the branch and one in front of the branch and then...
  12. Enjoy this Moment Anna Lift

    Enjoy this Moment Anna Lift

    Done for the AnnaLift 5/13 – 5/27 found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annalift-challenge-05-13-22-05-27-22.35591/ Journaling reads: Spring cleaning this year involved ripping off the old plastic, removing the screens, removing the curtains, then washing the screens and curtains...
  13. Marigolds


    Done for the May 2022 52 Inspirations Challenge #3 found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-2022-challenge-3-52-inspirations.35440/ Journaling reads: We got these from our granddaughter's school. I think they are marigolds.
  14. Grow


    Anna color Challenge 05.13.2022 - 05.26.2022. https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-05-13-2022-05-26-2022.35588/
  15. Pray For Peace

    Pray For Peace

    Created For The May 2022 : Color Palette Challenge : Blue/Yellow/Green : https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-2022-challenge-2-color-palette.35473/post-626132 ***The most Wonderful! color palette!...Such powerful! & impactful! colors!...I knew exactly what kind of layout I was gonna...
  16. Believe


    Made for the May 2022 Challenge #7-Use It All
  17. BE May Challenge #1 - Borders

    BE May Challenge #1 - Borders

    Challenge #1 - Borders https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-challenge-1-borders.35352/
  18. Full of Smiles

    Full of Smiles

  19. BE Hello Spring - Palvinka

    BE Hello Spring - Palvinka

  20. Spring Time

    Spring Time

    For the May 2022 Challenge #6 - Seasonal. I chose Spring to scrap. Thanks Vicky for a fun challenge. ♥