Project 2023 P54 - Outdoorsy Escapades

Project 2023 P54 - Outdoorsy Escapades

Page 22 of the Template was placed on the left side of the double layout. Photos were clipped to the frame masks or fotoblendz. Enigma Solid Paper 2 was placed for the foundation. Template stains, papers and brushes were recolored. Embellished with elements, glows and journaling.

Finally, some photos of Daddy, grilling on the Hasty Bake and calling us to eat. The only picture he ever took of what was cooking...steaks, at the bottom. And some other miscellaneous backyard escapades. And don’t miss the laces on Steve’s shorts. Was that a fad? We got a German Shepherd and named him Rocky. Rocky hated the mailman and jumped through the storm door glass TWICE to get him! I can’t remember seeing him around much after two vet bills to get him stitched up. I have to include this story about the backyard somewhere. It was overrun with those ‘sticker burrs’, which thrive in Texas, and they hurt. So, Dad made a game of it and paid us kids 1 penny for every stalk we picked. I don’t remember how long it took, but we eventually got rid of them and were able to play barefoot in the yard.
Credits list
Project Template Album No 8 p22
ArtPlay Palette Enigma (Solid Paper 2)
ArtPlay Palette Moira (dried flower, Gem Leaf, Blue Button, Overlays 1,3)
Outdoor WordArt Mix No 1 Modified with PTA9 styles/fonts
Custom Wood Numbers modified from PTA9
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
An interesting bit of family history there, with Rocky. We had Trixie, who would appear out of nowhere and sink her teeth into your ankles before you even knew what was happening. I hated that dog. (No photos of Trixie exist in the archives to my knowledge.)
What a wonderful collection of memories!!! Love both of your pages... Congratulations, your layout will be featured in tonight's Monday Oscraps newsletter :beatingheart:

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