Summer vacation has arrived, and I can feel the magic in the air. It is the ideal time to put my life on pause, to breathe and return to myself. This precious time is all about finding inner peace, to slow down and embrace the world around me. Letting the world around me fade away as I immerse myself in the oasis of peace and serenity. To let time take its course and give myself permission to let all worries and burdens slide off my shoulders for a while.

I try to dwell a little more on the little things I so often overlook. The warm rays of the sun warming my skin, the sounds of rippling water flowing happily, the smell of flowers dancing in the wind. I try to take a little more time to enjoy these simple pleasures and connect with the beauty of nature.

For it is in these quiet moments that I can rediscover my inner strength. Being aware of how my heart beats and my mind comes to rest. I don't always have to run through life, even though sometimes I think I do. Because sometimes it is more important to pause and listen to what my soul needs.
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