Paper Doll

Paper Doll

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Artplay Lavaliere Collection
Artplay Palette Lavaliere (paper, button, transfer, ribbon, buds)
Artsy Transfers Lavaliere
Secret WordART Mix 1
MultiMedia Lock and Key 1
Lock and Key 1

Artplay Palette Embrace Me (heart recolored)
MultiMedia Leaves 8
MultiMedia Magic Sprinklez 1 (beads)
MultiMedia Enigma (black pencil drawn hearts)
Excerpts 1
Paper Textures 19

Artsy paper 1 from APP Lavaliere was used as the foundation for the page. The image of the girl (my grandmother) was extracted. Using the quick selection tool, the area of her dress was outlined, then duplicated. A snippet of artsy 1 paper was clipped to the extracted dress. MM Leaves 8_1 was clipped to the paper. The stem of the leaves was erased. The yellow flower (color adjusted was clipped to the collar, creating a ruffle). The ribbon from the kit was added, along with the pearl buttons. A white sticker with shadow were added. The dotted outline was created. Tabs and lace were also added. The lock and key cluster was created by combining several elements from MM Lock and Key 1. The key was recolored using the color balance adjustment tool. Transfers, word art, splatters from AT Lavaliere and dimensional embellishments completed the page.

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Intriguing layout--from concept to execution. Has a Barbie Movie vibe to it. Did you watch the Grammys and Billie Eilish perform?
Love the concept and the design. Very interesting and beautifully done. I'm always amazed at your use of embellishments that I've somehow overlooked.
Oh, what memories of playing with paper dolls. I loved to design my own outfits for them though I was really no good at it. This is a clever idea.
I absolutely love everything on this page! So clever to chose a paper doll as theme.
This is so charming and artsy. Someday I would like to lift this beautiful page..love the detail.

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