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I have a flock of Bushtit that frequently come to my suet feeder. I love watching them flutter, but I have been unable to capture them with my camera as they are so fast. They stopped at the bird bath this time, so I grabbed my phone and took a video. By then, they had quit playing in the bath and were taking off again. I made this photo kind of artsy looking because the capture wasn’t that great.
It was a challenge to do these colors and it took longer than it should have.

Construction: I started with ArtPlay Palette Noetic Solid paper #4, duplicated and used Multiply blend mode at 30% Fill to get the color right.
I placed Noetic FotoBlendz No 1 #1 and clipped my modified photo to the fotoblendz layer. I moved layers and brushed in areas of the fotoblendz layer to get the full photo revealed. I used a hue/saturation adjustment on the photo to tone down the coloring. I left the blueish coloring in the birds because they are a sort of blah gray.
I added ArtPlay Palette Noetic Gold Leaves (desaturated), ArtsyTransfers Sayonara #4 & 5 to fill in the background.
The cluster is City WordART Clusters No 1 #3 (the open sign was desaturated, the center extracted and color changed with blend mode Divide and reduced fill) with ArtPlay Palette Noetic buttons and Line Words (colors revised). Finally I added UrbanThreadz No 28 #5.
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Ohhh, how lovely is this? You did a fabulous job, to blend these cute birds and built a beautiful page! Love all the green in it.
Looks wonderful to me.. Love the photo treatment and color palette. So glad you were able to finally get your capture.

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