Note to Self

Note to Self

Sometimes I just like looking backward into the old photos.
For this layout, I used most of two of the Multimedia Documents as well as bits and pieces of the other two in the set—I had great fun deconstructing the layers and reassembling them in the design. The picture is blended using a Fotoblendz, and I finished up with transfers/overlays and brushes, a purple gradient at the bottom of the page, and an Architextures brush, since the story is set in New York city.
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Beautiful composite of a day in the 60's! Love the purple and the ArchiTexture brush in the background!
Love the Architecture brush staging the location, and the gradient to add the feel of those 60's years! Great documentation of those days. Oh, the things we remember from childhood...some thing just never fade.
What a wonderful photo form yesteryear. Love your work on deconstruction of layers and incorporating them into your fabulous bg. Your journaling is touching.
Wow I feel we experienced so many of the same things, I'm surprised I was actually four yrs ahead of you in school. And I've gotta say, a fur-lined cloth coat and a private school? You didn't know how good you had it, girl, and I love your smile. :p
Oh gosh you look just like your girls (or vice versa!). If you hadn't mentioned the architextures brush I would have accepted it as part of the scene. Great story - that must have been weird/hard. Great use of the MM Docs and the blending!
The angst of adolescence. Great story and love the photo of you and your "fashionable" friend. My mother sent us to school with white tights and french berets ... fashion way ahead of the hayseeds I went to school with.
Congrats! Your layout was featured on the Oscraps Instagram page
You look the same! just a smidge older. Still the same wonderful smile.
Definitely see your girls there.
Inspired use of the architecture brush.

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