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Moms First Letter from Virginia pages 7 & 8
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Page 7 & 8

I can go when Jack is home sleeping & Joan & Paul napping & take Ann & Johnnie with me. All the kids need summer clothes. Have gotten Ann a couple of cute sets & a bathing suit. Paul has a couple of things but Johnnie has no lightweight things. They both need swimming suits & we’re all so anxious to get to the beach. The baby got a new dress for Easter that’s real cute & I guess I’ll have to get Ann one. Can’t seem to get around to making her one. I’ve got a new suit (powder blue) that needs shortening. I got it on sale before we left Alaska but couldn’t get into it until I lost a few pounds.

Jack should be home from work any minute & I haven’t started thinking about supper. Jack will say I’m batting a thousand.

The kids have lots of playmates. When the weather is nice they are gone all day somewhere in the project. They have a big area (several blocks) to play without crossing any streets.

Now I just got to stop & start supper. Write soon,

Happy Easter to you all. Jack, Pat & kids

PS Congratulations Bruno, as Pat has said I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more; However, you worked awfully hard – best of luck and land a few more just like it.


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Love the photo section. It's very special of you to share all these memories with us. I can't tell you how much I enjoy looking at the pages and reading the stories.

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