Mom's Letters page 36

Mom's Letters page 36

Mom's First Letter from Virginia pages 3 & 4
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Letter pages 3 & 4

[Our two sets] of dishes are still packed & probably will be for a while. It’ll be a little problem to put all the extra furniture in here with the freezer & playpen also in the dining room. We’re keeping our kitchen set for everyday use & that too is in the dinning room along with the kids little table & 4 chairs & a small dresser I’m using for kitchen drawers. I know it’s all very confusing but I’m a little confused myself today. And if you could see this 2x4 kitchen you’d understand why I’m a little confused.

I really appreciate the 3rd bedroom although I’m having a time fitting it into my cleaning schedule! Ha! What cleaning schedule. I try to clean upstairs on Tuesday & Fridays. The downstairs on Wednesdays & Saturdays. But this is subject to Jack’s screwy working schedule. This last Tuesday he was sleeping days so the upstairs didn’t get cleaned until today, & then it was a struggle.

We’re awfully close to our neighbors. The couple on one side couldn’t be nicer. But we haven’t met the couple on the other side yet. From what I hear maybe we shouldn’t. Bob & Mary Ellen (the nice couple) have three little ones & he works where Jack does but on a different shift. Mary Ellen started working part time up at the corner drug store & has about talked me into working part time. Can’t quite decide. The extra money would come in handy when it comes time to send Ann to Catholic school next fall. Tuition for kindergarten is rather high. $10 a month plus books & bus fare. First grade tuition drops to $2.50. There is no kindergarten in the public schools.

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very cool that you have the apartment layout to include. Such down-to-earth letters, love reading them :) And great job continuing with these projects!
very cool that you have the apartment layout to include. Such down-to-earth letters, love reading them :) And great job continuing with these projects!
I found the floor plan on the website for the neighborhood. I had to modify it some to match what it was like when we lived there. The remodeled version of the now called Townshouse's has a patio out back, a dishwasher, and a pantry in the kitchen, They also took down the short wall by the back door and put in a half wall with a counter on top. From other family pictures and mom's memory, I was able to change the floor plane to what it was when we lived there.
Very clever of you to modify the floor plan. Love your mom's style of writing about daily life. That's what I would want to know about.

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