Magical Garden

Magical Garden

Our weather finally hit the 60’s for the first time this year, but it just made me think of the beautiful flowers that will be coming in the summer. I thought this quote fit me. My photos taken in June 2013 at the Portland International Test Rose Garden.
“We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today.” – Dale Carnegie. Font is Pea Snoflake.

Construction: I started with MultiFoto Template Album No 3 page 2. I rearranged and deleted frames to better match my photos. I clipped my main rose photo to the template’s fotoblendz and used some HandScript No 1 brushes around the rose.
For the background, I used ArtPlay Palette Eunoia Solid Paper #5. I duplicated the paper, used blend mode Multiply and a solid color adjustment to get a better match to my main photo. I then clipped my other photos to the frame masks, using just one photo for the bottom 3 frames.
I added various elements from the palette and UrbanStitchez No 18 for the clusters. For that extra “magical” touch, I used MagicSprinklez No 9 #4 and MagicSparkles No 1 #1 and #6, to which I added a pattern layer style. The title is font Euphorigenic.
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MultiFoto Template Album No 3 is On Sale Now
MultiFoto Template Album No 3

ArtPlay Eunoia Collection is On Sale Now
ArtPlay Eunoia Collection
ArtPlay Palette Eunoia

Also On Sale:
UrbanStitchez No 18
HandScript No 1

Other supplies used:
MagicSprinklez No 1
Magic Sparkles No 1 BrushSet
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
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beautiful photos and composition. wish you a summer with many blooming roses.
Must be a lovely place to visit when all the flowers are in bloom.
Wonderful quote to go with your photos.

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