LoveChallenge #3 Painted Trees and Rocks

LoveChallenge #3 Painted Trees and Rocks

Snow, ice and slush finally melted enough for long walks in the 'hood, always new things to see! Something RED, the word LOVE, 3 HEARTS.
Credits list
ArtPlay Palette Prismatic
Scenic Template Album 2 (on right)
ArtPlay Palette Neige
MultiMedia Documents 1
ArtPlay Palette Remarkable (circle frame)
Trees No 2
Background created with Solid and Artsy Papers, plus transfers, from APP Prismatic. Tree on right (which really had a rainbow painted inside it) blended with Scenic FotoBlendz. Another copy of the tree was added on top in Screen mode to pop the rainbow colors, The Hipster Plume from Scenic was brushed with colors to match the rainbow, then duplicated. a "Tree" was added and brushed in purple. On the right are multiple copies of photos of painted rocks, blended in Overlay mode. The "Love" rock was extracted and a custom shadow added.
The words were written by a child and placed in a Poetry Box in my neighborhood.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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Wonderful and so much imagery from just a walk close to home. My walk is a 4-foot river of melt on the pavement and nothing else. 45 today, 5 inches of snow yesterday's almost gone.
Love how you used the rainbow.
I love your "love" painted rock! These are fun to find and to keep in the garden. Terrific take on the love challenge!
Another grand excursion in the neighborhood perfectly documented. Loving the rainbow!

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