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AnnaRelease 24 May 2019 Anna Aspnes Designs | Digital Scrapbook Designer:Oscraps

Inspiration – I have taken a few moon shots though in this picture is a tiny sliver. I loved the morning colors with the moon.
Start – New Document
Paper - Placed Artsy Paper 5 over the background.
Mask – Fotoblendz Overlay 15.1 looked like it would fit my photo.
Photo – I clipped the photo to the mask using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. I duplicated the photo and changed the blend mode Overlay and opacity 42.
Brushes - Brush 9 I added so it emphasized one of the edges I saw created the mask.
Transfers – Lace Transfer 2 in an angle I saw created with the masked photo and the paper. I put Artsy
Transfer in the lower left-hand corner. But I erased a part of it that was too dark over the paper. There is now a triangle of lace on the page. Lastly, I used EdgeOverlay 1 to form a union between blossoms and the multimedia branch.
Elements – I put the Multimedia Branch 3.4 over the Artsy Transfer so the circles repeated. Then I duplicated the blossom twice and took the two blossoms to a circle on the paper to the right of the photo. I resized and repositioned the two blossoms so they didn't look like copies. I placed the tag string under the blossoms. I typed the word Sunrise on the tag to give a little context.
Wordart – I used WordArt Life's..... to express my feelings about sunrises and also my placement continues the line from the blossoms to the multimedia branch.
I love how that red sky of morning so quickly turns to bright blue, and you've captured that beautifully in your page design.

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