When Flowers Shine

When Flowers Shine

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Sororal miniPalette, **Free with $20 purchase from today – May 3rd**

Inspiration – the idea that things are beginning to bloom
Start – with a new document
Photos – I placed a picture of on paper over the background. I took a picture of two flowers and used object selection to remove the flowers from the photo. And placed it over the paper. I selected just some petals from another photo and placed on the top edge set to Blend Mode Color Burn at 60% opacity. I added a drop shadow to both the double flowers and the petals
Paper – Added Solid Paper 1 over the first flower picture and set the blend mode to Pin Light.
Transfers – I placed Gold Paint 1 under the double flowers to the left. Then added Transfers 2 under the flowers in the middle. Then put one copy of Transfer 1 to the right of transfer 2 and another to the left of it.
Elements -Placed two copies of FlowerWhite under the double flowers but slightly apart. Then added the key in between. The label was placed under everything.
Title – When Flowers Shine was placed below the label,
This jumped out at me. Great extraction and I love the bright colors.

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