Life is a Story/Anna Lift

Life is a Story/Anna Lift

...and so, for the rest of the story. Family gatherings for Sunday dinner at Grandma's where her best china and "not quite white" silverware was always used. We were seated on the piano bench--the chairs were for the grownups. And so, these heirloom pieces were passed down, generation to generation, eventually finding their way to me.

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Love the story, love the silverware! The photos and framing are beautiful for telling the story, as is the blended photo!
How nice to have this photo of a family gathering where the silver was in use. The triple frame with the photos is a nice way of showing the progression of inheritance.
Ah, the story behind the "not quite white" cutlery. Love your detail of the piano bench, and how the heirlooms made their way to you. The cameo photos are an awesome touch.
Oh how lucky you art to have such wonderful family treasures and the documentation throughout the years. Your amazing art perfectly shows how important both are.
LOVE the "rest of the story!" What a treasure to have! Wonderful memories will come to mind every time you use the silverware!

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