January Month Review

January Month Review

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Journaling reads: Michael, Jessica, Jessica, Terry, Chance, Thad, Araya, Ilene, Mark and I went to Ruby Tuesday’s for supper on Friday night. Nathanael, Sam and Adalina were at the house by the time we finished eating and got back to the house.
The meal was set for 1:00 p.m. on Saturday at Elisabeth’s and Brad’s. We ate and talked and reminisced and laughed. We had a dirty Santa gift exchange. We ate some more and talked and just enjoyed being together. We had a great day together. We were only missing two…Michael and Kara. This year Ryan’s girlfriend was added to the mix. It is such a bittersweet thing to see the grandchildren growing into young adults. I hope and pray the cousins always remain close to one another and that they will continue our tradition of gathering as a family! Thank You, Lord, for the wonderful gift of FAMILY!
The Day Family Christmas gathering was the main event of January. The kids arrived on Friday evening for the gathering at Elisabeth and Brad’s on Saturday.
We gathered in the living room to play Dirty Santa. #1 choses a gift from the pile. After opening it, #2 chooses to steal it or pick from the pile.
Photo journaling, top to bottom: Sam, Nathanael and Adalina spent the weekend at our house. Jessica and Terry stayed at Ilene’s. The cousins stayed at Liz’s. Michael and Jessica stayed at Holiday Inn.
Ten of us gathered at Ruby Tuesday for dinner on Friday evening. Lots of laughs!
Everyone watched with interest as Michael opened the gift he chose from the pile. If someone stole his gift he would get to choose another gift from the pile.
Abby and Thad applied makeup to one another, LOL! Looks like some hair do’s were created as well!
Araya and Abby got under the bench at the kitchen table with Sally. So dog-gone cute!
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Journaling reads: The threat of rain is what usually causes us to meet at Elisabeth’s. Our house is just not big enough to house our large family! And with the threat of rain spending time in the woods would not be comfortable! Lizzie’s house is the perfect size and has plenty of places for the not-so-small kids to spread out and do their own thing now that they are older! Plus, Liz and Brad have woods now that the kids can ride 4-wheelers, dirt bikes and explore. They even played some hide and seek! And the rain didn’t amount to very much, if I remember correctly!
Everyone but Michael and Jessica went to church with us on Sunday and then we all went to Dairi-O for lunch before parting ways to our separate homes.
Photo journaling, top left, across and down: YUM! LET’S EAT!
Not sure where this picture was taken. Probably on the trip to NC or on the way back home.
I don’t think Michael realized he was included in this picture, LOL!
Love it when our family worships together!
Addy’s prize from the Dirty Santa game. CANDY!
We missed Michael and Jessica not being with us on Sunday at church.
Looking through a photo album of pictures from days in Ohio before we moved to West Virginia in 1997.

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All by Anna Aspnes
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