Inspiration- Still having to stay non weight bearing on my right leg. Having PT come to my work and trying to work from home. So, keeping my scraping simple. I saw the greens in APP Hinge and thought flowers.
Start – New>File 12xx12 300
Paper – Put Solid Paper 5 over the background
Mask – Placed Hinge Fotoblendz 1.4 on the page
Frames – Took the frames from Artsy Layered Template 244 and moved onto page.
Photos - Attached the focal photo to the mask layer of the Fotoblendz then duplicated the photo and set the blend mode to soft light. I attached the photos to the mask using Layer>Create Masking layer. Used the same method to attach the other a photos to the mask layer of one of the frames and duplicated it so it could be attached to the other to give a look of the same photo continuing in the second frame.
Transfers – Placed Artsy transfer 3 under the focal photo but rearranged some of the layers so that the flow was most horizontal. Next added Artsy Transfer 4 above 3 but turned off most of the layers. Used complete the horizontal layout. The layout is slightly titled.
Elements – Put Multimedia Leaves 8.2 above the photos and transfers.
Brushes – painted Brush 10 in a gap of the transfer and duplicated the air but flipped it to make it look different.
Words – Used the word title Let It Grow for the title.
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Love this (and hydrangeas)! Like the large photo blended in perfectly and the use of the Artsy Layered Template frames.

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