Autumn Skies - APP Hinge, AnnaRelease 27 September 2019

Autumn Skies - APP Hinge, AnnaRelease 27 September 2019

From October 2016, some of the most unusual clouds I've ever seen, taken from my front porch.

Started with my photo and clipped to 12x12Page FotoBlendz 11-2, transformed to fit photo. Next I added APP Hinge Splatter1 and StainOverlay1, Paper Textures 16-2 and 16-3 (chg hue to a gray-blue, Blend Mode Linear Burn on both) all below the photo/mask layears, and Artsy Transfer Hinge 3, rearranged with some layers removed, some below the photo/mask and some above it. Place MultiMedia Leaves 8-5, remove frame/mask. Add Autumn WordART Mix 5 'Autumn Skies' and text date. Add Take Flight 4-8 and UrbanThreadz 27-9. Last I picked Hinge Solid Paper 2, placed below all layers.
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Anna Release 27 September 2019, APP Hinge (paper, ArtsyTransfers, Splatters, Stains, Gold Paint, Transfers, MultiMedia Leaves 8-5)
Autumn WordART Mix No. 5

The following items are on sale now and included in the bundle
DigitalART Bundle 19 August 2022

12x12 Page FotoBlendz No. 11
Paper Textures No. 16
Take Flight No. 4
Urban Threadz No. 27
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  1. Anna Aspnes

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