Hello Pumpkin

Hello Pumpkin

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On Sale From November 2 - 8
AnnaRelease 02 October 2015
Artplay Pallette Wild Autumn (paper, label word, button, string)
Wild Autumn FotoBlendz 1
MultiMedia Leaves 4
Wood Words 6

Autumn WordART Mix 6
Postage Frames 1
MultiMedia Magic Sprinklez 3 (beads0
Scattered Leaves 1

Artsy paper 3 from APP Wild Autumn was used as the foundation of page. The paper was rotated 90º, then duplicated. The top layered paper was shifted up moving the textured leaf closer to the top of the page. A layer mask was clipped to the top layer and using the gradient tool, the two papers were blended together. The image was clipped to a Wild Autumn fotoblendz mask. Using the Hue/Saturation Adjustment tool, the photo was changed to a sepia tone. The photo was then duplicated and a hard light blending mode added (reduced opacity). The 3 layers were merged and then duplicated. This produced a more intense color.
Postage Frames 1_6 was layered next to the photo, duplicated and offset at an angle. An image of a pumpkin was clipped to the frame mask. The pumpkin image was duplicated and linked together. The second image was clipped to the adjacent frame of the duplicated postage frames. Because the images were clipped together I was able to resized them proportionally. The same procedure was applied to the other frames. The page was completed by adding word art, dimensional embellishments and scattered leaves (blending mode changed to dissolve).

Thank you looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Oh my, Miki, what a gorgeous page! I adore the large photo, the colorful photos in the filmstrips, the leaves, blends . . . just everything. Congrats on the Standing O! ♥
Congratulations on the feature in the newsletter! I love the effect on the photo!

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