Good Egg

Good Egg

The focal photo here had a couple of challenges—the photo of my grandson had a bad crop with my daughter's arm floating in space. I had just done a FotoInspired Template layout for the baby book so didn't want to follow with another heavily framed page, so decided to throw the dice and try my hand at blending. I selected the artsy background paper (Feuillemort #1) mostly because I thought I could blend my daughter's sleeve into the pattern (with the help of a transfer overlay from the Artplay Palette) and tucked the no-feet bottom of the photo under two frames that I had pulled from a template in my stash. This still left the problem with the crop at the head, which I wound up leaving as is. I know I'll lose a little more of the photo when the book is trimmed, but I decided I'm okay with that. I surrounded this cute little guy with bunnies and some grass to support the graphic on the shirt. Credit is due to Applechick's layout for, as always, some very good ideas: https://oscraps.com/community/media/autumnprincesses-jpg.368576/
you know, I didn't even notice the arm and the cropped head, I noticed the incredibly strong and handsome little boy, and LOVE the bunnies in the background!
He looks like such a happy baby! Great job putting this together among all the challenges. Adorable!
Wow! Great job of dealing with all those issues--sometimes it is overcoming those challenges that make one feel quite accomplished. Love his shirt and my! how fast he is growing. So great that you are documenting it all
You’ve done a fabulous job on the blending and placement of those ‘difficult’ photos. Love the outcome! And WOW to the loveliest boy on earth!
these photos make me happy. such a cute little boy. gorgeous blending.
love the hidden multi media bunnies.
Oh my goodness! He is more darling every day. Love how you've explained away what you didn't like, but none of that really matters. All I see is that cute little man.
What a cute trio of pics - he's adorable! Love the extraction to go with the two framed images. Great job with the blending too!!

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