Giggles - Meraki

Giggles - Meraki

I just love this picture of my mom and brother Scott. And we've had quite the week (sunroom heater blew a breaker and burned some wires, dead truck battery (and that was just yesterday), and today I discovered a slow water leak under my kitchen sink that's been dripping for quite a while), all while the little house construction in ongoing. I finally took a break, anxious to use the new Collection, and just sat down and did this one, quick and easy with Anna's designs.

I started with Meraki Artsy Paper 5, placed the circle frame and clipped my photo to the mask, and also clipped a duplicate copy of Artsy Paper 5 to the frame. I placed MultiMedia Hearts 5-5 and Meraki MultiMedia WordART Cluster 1-4.

And then I was just finishing up this post and hit the back button and lost it all, so this is my 2nd attempt. :(
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Love your very happy page, the photo is so sweet, making together fun, I also love the heart you have added, and a beautiful composition!
Really sweet photo, speaks so much love, reminds me of my daughter and grandson :) Sorry about your week, I hate it when things go wrong.
This radiates joy and also freedom--exactly what you probably wanted with all those "to dos" on your list staring at you. Excellent therapy, LOL
Pure joy! Love to see moments like this so perfectly captured.
I hope things have gotten easier!

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