Flat Pack Love

Flat Pack Love

Journaling: My new BFF is the cordless drill. I dont know how i lived without it so long. It is getting a workout. Since i bought my house, Ive built two ladder shelves for the dining room, an extra desk for my office and now Im putting together two Ikea Billie Shelves, all from flat packs. Ive spackled and painted the place on the wall in my office where an ugly shelve hung and took down. Ive taken down cornices on the living room windows and hung drapes. The cordless drill made quick work of it. After i get the two last rooms put together, I will paint the living room mantel to match my bookcase/media center to take the eye around the room. A womans work is never done.

AnnaRelease 7 February 2020AnnaRelease7February2020
ArtPlay Palette MagoaArtPlayPaletteMagoa
MultiMedi Hearts No. 4MultiMediaheartsNo.4
FramedMasks No. 5FramedMasksNo.5
Love WordART Mix No. 3LoveWordARTMixNo.3
UrbanThreadz No. 20UrbanThreadzNo.20
LightLeaks No. 1LightLeaksNo.1
WarmGlows No. 1WarmGlowsNo.1

Notes: Artsy paper 3 as the foundation and bringing in the extracted cordless drill, making it black and white. I added a yellow Color Overlay, blended and reduced opacity, then clipped the Light Leaks and blended it to Hard Light. Underneath I added a Warm Glow and blended to Vivid Light with a reduced opacity. Word art was also added just below the drill.

Bringing in the Framed Masks and clipping black and white copies of the photos to the masks, I added a Color Overlay to the bottom photo and added the title, using a style and bevel and emboss to the words flat pack. I grouped each masked frame. I didnt use every layer to the Framed Masks and moved some layers around.

Just above the foundation paper I added an overlay from the kit. Over the framed masks and cordless drill, I added the MM Hearts and threads. I finally added the journaling to the page to finish it off.
Wow ... a great job until now ... good luck with your further plans ... a beautiful memory page with your 'new friend' ...
I am surprised you have found time to document all your projects. Love that you are a woman who can do it all. Continued success with your renovations.
Wow you are a super woman doing all these renovations i admire you and love how you documented it all on your page.
A drill is so much better than the little Allen wrench that comes with Ikea's stuff. We have the Billie Shelves and love them! Great work, and love the layout!
Flicitations pour tous vos travaux, j'ai aussi aim manier perceuse, ponceuse , pinceaux etc, j'aime beaucoup votre page, il y a la petite touche fminine du petit coeur en brillant. On peut tre bricoleuse mais aussi fminine.
Love the visual documentation! When you are done, I have a few projects you could work on!
This is great! I like the way the drill dominates the page. I too love renovations, such a sense of accomplishment, although I leave most of the work to hubby and my contractor ;-)
The drill is a dynamic element, but the journaling and project are the true art!

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