Day 5 Birthday Challenge: Simple Pleasures & The Pace of Nature

Day 5 Birthday Challenge: Simple Pleasures & The Pace of Nature

It was the first day all year we sat out on our patio at 6 pm, and it was so perfect. It was 82 degrees, and a bunny watched us the whole time as he ate bunny-deep grass. It's a rare day that's not too hot, cold or windy, or some other thing makes it much less than ideal to take in the fresh air.
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Our teenager bunny sweet 16 < We make up the age, or the grade in school, of each bunny we see.
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  1. Rachel Jefferies
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Wonderful take on the challenge! This was a fun one!
You made this Viridian Kit proud. Love the bunny photos (they always look so innocent and helpless to me) and the way you used that stitched stack on the bottom.

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