Day 3 Chain Challenge The Children Know_APP Rainbow_NAdams_600.jpg

Day 3 Chain Challenge The Children Know_APP Rainbow_NAdams_600.jpg

12 Days of Christmas
Chain Challenge of Nickel

APP Rainbow
Multimedia Suns No. 1
Splatters No. 15
Painted Landscape No. 1
Edge Overlays No. 7
Multimedia Arrows No. 1

APP Rainbow Solid paper creates the foundation. APP Rainbow Transfer creates the flow in the upper area of the page. Painted Landscapes creates the ground. The MultiMedia Sun and Arrows balance each other in the design. The title uses a Auto Signature Regular and 3rd Man Regular. APP Rainbow Transfer is clipped to the title. The extracted figures were treated with the posterize filter and color adjustment. APP Artsy paper 3 was clipped to them and set to HardLight. They were given a drop shadow.

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
So playful and creative. Love the techniques and how you've rendered the title.

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The Children Know_APP Rainbow_NAdams_600.jpg
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