DAY 10: Empathy

DAY 10: Empathy

Empathy doesn't solve anything or answer the questions. But I claim it as my superpower and know that when I wasn't going to make it as a small abused child, it saved my life. We need to deal with all criminals appropriately, and be empathetic as we see they are damaged people.
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ARTventures: NatTreas vellum-tag
Everything else: Oscraps-CozyChristmas
Daydream Designs Ornament (AI added)
ET Designs evergreens
Laitha frame
Lynne Anzelc gift boxes & ornament wire
Natali WA
NLD Designs papers
this breaks my heart a little bit- it's very hard to be empathetic to those who have hurt you. At the same time, it is a super(difficult to have) power and it just shows the strength of compassion you have ♥
This is such a beautiful superpower to have; walking in others' skins and understanding their points of view is a very difficullt thing to do but it would be a gift which would keep on giving if we could all do it. So I do think this would be the greatest gift to all of us. Thank you. Thanks also for that beautiful page!
a wonderful quote! especially at this time! I don't have to approve of everything, but I can simply have respect and empathy towards others and try to reduce the "rifts" in people's minds
Your layout is very impressive, even with all the words about the current political situation
Well, I must say you have turned into a beautiful and caring woman, DK, for the start you had! Super beautiful spread with a great gift and message!
What a wise and thoroughly kind woman you are DK. A very sobering page that brings light to an increasing problem in society. Powerful!!
Such a beautiful and meaningful layout, DK :hug2::beatingheart: Congratulations, your layout will be featured in tonight's Monday Oscraps newsletter :heartpumplove:

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