Anna Aspnes
Artsy Transfers Fallen Blush (new October 12)
Artplay Palette Harvest (paper, label word, button, transfers) (on sale October 12) Artplay Palette Harvest
MultiMedia Suns 2 MultiMedia Suns 2
MultiMedia Birds 1 MultiMedia Birds 1
Layered FotoBlendz 3 Layered FotoBlendz 3
Wood AlphaNumber Set 1 Wood AlphaNumber Set
Autumn WordART 7 Autumn WordART 7

Artsy Paper 4 from APP Harvest was used as the background. Three Layered FotoBlendz masks were layered over the painted part of the paper and resized. The photo was clipped to one of the masks, duplicated two more times and clipped to the other masks. The blending mode of the masks was changed to hard light. Artsy Transfers Fallen Blush 1 and 3 were opened. Several splatters, textures and transfers were layered over the photos with the blending mode changed to color burn. Several transfers from APP Harvest were layered under the fotoblendz masks with the blending mode changed to color burn. The blending mode of the birds was changed to soft light. The saturation and intensity of color was increased on the MM Sun. Word art and embellishments were added to complete the page.
Thank you for looking!
Love your autumn colors and your effects on the photos. Before I looked at your "location" I guessed maybe Indiana or Illinois (lots of corn around there too). Enjoy your process information. Never have seen corn look so good ;)
Harvesting the corn always signifies the end of our season, our trips out to our trailer. They harvested a few weeks ago, we saw as we drove by.Never thought to take a pic of it and tell our story. Love your page and the photo treatment.
Color Burn is the perfect blending mode for this photo...feels like the last days of corn in the golden Autumn light!

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