Challenge-day-4-Journaling--A Trip to Salado's Past

Challenge-day-4-Journaling--A Trip to Salado's Past

The pictures are of one shop in historical old town Salado, a favorite haunt of my mother's and mine until she passed of breast cancer. We would go several times a year, but we loved Christmas and the spring the best for shopping, having sandwiches at a quaint little shop, tea and ice cream at another, visiting the art galleries, buying outdoor trinkets at various shops, clothes at others, Christmas gifts, and having a fun 3 mile walk over the historic bridge and through the town that once hosted cattle drives and was known as a stagecoach town. I loved it so much that I wrote A Ghost of a Chance at Love about a woman who loves going to Salado so much that through a twist of fate ends up traveling back in time and of course wants desperately to return to her time and place. Some of the establishments are purported to be haunted so it had to have a ghostly story too!
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Oh.my.word! You are an author, Terry? How cool is that! An author who scrapbooks! I love it! I also love your memory! Wonderful page!
You're an author! I just saw your books on Amazon. Wow! I am truly impressed.
I love this page and reading about your special memories with your Mom. I especially like the warm lighting in the photos and the rich Christmas colors you used. Gorgeous!

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